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New Version of Audition Announced


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I know there are some other users of Cool Edit/Audition on the BR--I just noticed that Adobe have posted in their user forums that they'll be launching the newest version of Audition at NAB next week (along with the whole Creative Suite 6 for the video and graphics oriented people here).


They've posted the following list of features that'll be in Audition CS6:


Audition CS6 Highlights:


Real-time and rendered clip stretching in multi-track - including new “varispeed” mode

Clip Grouping – Including suspend, trimming, & stretching of groups

VST3 support (Mac and Win) and more effects

New pitch correction/manipulation tools

Automatic speech alignment tool

Red Book Audio CD burning

Hardware controllers support - Including native Avid EUCON and Mackie MCU support

Write/Touch/Latch automation modes

Media browser with file preview

Session Templates and Enhancements

Expanded file format support (Native, libsndfile, DLMS)


Audition CS6 Complete List of New Features:




Session templates

Automatic speech alignment

Clip grouping

Suspend mode

Focus clip actions

Trim/fade grouped clips

Time aligned stretching of groups

Clip spotting – Manual entry of clip start or end time

Clip stretching - Real-time and rendered mode using iZotope Radius

Vari-speed clip stretching

Skip selection play mode

Save all open files with session preference

Select all clips from playhead to end of track

Sum to mono per track

Bounce selected track

Reveal clip in files panel

Trim to selection

Send clip to back

Preference to play/hide overlapped clips


Mixer enhancements


Snap volume and pan envelopes at 0dB

Drag and drop file marker range to multitrack (as clip)

Waveform (Editor)

Multiple clipboards

Skip selection play mode

Open append

Subclip marker support (Premiere and Prelude)

Improvements to spectral spot Healing

Pitch display





Side Chain support

Improved plug-in scanning engine

New channel map per effect – Control over effect input and output channel routing

Save and apply Effect Racks as a favorite

New/Added effects:

Automatic Pitch Correction

Manual Pitch Correction with new spectral pitch view mode

Generate Tones

Doppler Shifter

Notch Filter

Graphic Phase Shifter

Gain / Fade Envelopes




Media Browser

Preview in Media Browser and files panel

Search/filter in Media Browser and files panel

Display markers for all files in markers panel

Access and open order fields in files panel (sorting)

Keyboard shortcuts (shortcut editor enhancements, copy to clipboard)

Adobe Graphics Manager Implementation to improve UI drawing

DLMS Integration to support additional video and audio file format import/open

OpenGL display for video including improved video display for improved performance

New spectral display preferences

Support for additional framerates (23.976, 59.94 ndf/df)

Machine-specific device preferences (optional common audio hardware settings for all users)

Import most preferences from CS5.5

Pinch-to-zoom, rotate to scrub Mac touchpad support (Mac only)

Improved properties panel UI layout


Broadcast Specific


ITU Loudness – Normalize files (batch) to ITU-BS.1770-2 (R128), view loudness level diagnostics

Native MPEG1-Layer 2 audio (MP2) import and export

Enhanced CART timer and metadata support

Control Surface/Automation

Mackie MCU, native Avid EUCON, other controller support

Recordable track automation (Full Write, Touch, Latch support with undo)


Format support


MPEG4, HD Video, and additional audio import (via DLMS)

Native MPEG1-Layer2 (MP2) audio import and export

Native APE, FLAC, OGG export and import

libsndfile export – export most formats supported by libsndfile

CD Import metadata support (via FreeDB)

Enhanced RAW format support




Red Book CD Burning (via CD layout)

Quick burn single-file, CD-TEXT)

Advanced mixdown – Mixdown tracks, busses and/or master as seperate files

Save All Audio As batch process

Save Copies of Associated Files – Collect/archive all files in a session

Save open file references in session (“remember” all open files with the session)

Advanced session export – Including ability to convert sample rate of session and associated files

Preferred asset importer saved with session files


....a quick read through suggests that pretty well all the things that caused me to stick with AA3.01 have been restored and there are some new features that have me drooling. I assume that they'll be giving the supply details at the NAB announcement next week. I'll certainly be trying this out as soon as I possibly can!

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