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Hippotizer monitor output


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Hello all.


I'm currently on a tour which we have a Green Hippo Grasshopper outputting to one projector.

The hippo itself has 2 monitors attached to it, one for the GUI and another as a preview of the signal being sent to the projector.


A couple of venues ago we had a problem with the ouput to the GUI monitor and projector/preview monitor changing for no reason. On one attempt to reboot the system a black mask appeared across the top right of the GUI as if the pc didn't register that area of the screen.

In addition when the pc boots up it now beeps, which I don't recall it doing before (although it may have). There are 3 beeps, one long and 2 shorter ones.


I think that the graphics card may have come loose or have got damaged in transit between venues.


As I'm not too experienced when it comes to video I'm hoping that someone with more knowledge can enlighten me a little before I open up the machine.


Thank you in advance

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The hippo is basically just a pc, and the bleeping will be an error code, possibly partaining to the graphics card. First thing to do is get in touch with green hippo for help, but its probably worth opening the case and reseating the cards as its possibly something that simple.
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