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50" Touch Screen, Display Lite


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Hi There.


First off apologies for not knowing an awful lot about video and PC's.


I'm using a 50" Nec with a Display Lite touch screen overlay using windows 7 on a Dell.


Now having used it a few times before, I can get it up and running no problem, but the client needs it in portrait. Now the only way I can get this to work is if the displays are cloned and rotated leaving me with a pretty hopless to use laptop. I've tried it using extended display but I can't get the touch screen to work like this. What am I doing wrong?? Display Lite support are not getting back to me quick enough so I thought I'd post here on the off chance someone is more clued up than me.




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So you are essentially wanting to use one screen in portrait and one in landscape?

I think you can do this on a dedicated graphics card such as you would find in a desktop, but its mostly due to driver limitations. Trying t do this on a laptop isnt going to be very successful.

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