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S-Video to Scart Problems (from Computer)


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Hi there guys,

was looking around and this is by far the best forum out there.


This is my issue - maybe you can solve it for me?


I have a Linux computer and it has a VGA output for a monitor and a S-Video Out.


So I ran 20 metres of S Video to My Pioneer Plasma which does not support S Video. So, I bought a S-Video - Scart converter and conected the scart to my Plasma.


Now the image is Fuzzy... and Kind of black and white.


I can and havent tried S video converter to Video Phono - would this work? or what else can I do?


First time poster on a forum btw, so please be patient with me - but any help would be appreciated.

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S video has seperate brightness and colour wires, your plasma is only looking at the brightness wire expecting it to be a single video signal


Scart has a number of wiring options, rgb, s video, composite


Crt televisions used to have a number of scart wired inputs wired for different options


Try another scart input, or see if its in the plasma menu to select the option for the scart socket

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Fuzzy is to be expected (at least compared to the type of image you get on a monitor) ... B/W suggests the SCART socket on the TV is not in S-video mode.


On a lot of TVs there is an option to switch the SCART socket between S-video and composite, the 2 modes use different pins in the socket. I would check the TV's menus and see if you can find an option to change it. You should then at least get a colour picture.



edit.... beat me to it!

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