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Hi all. Ive used an EOS a few times on tour before, so know how to programme everything I need on there, but never in conjuntion with a decent rig of moving heads. However, later today im off to the isle of man, and will be using an EOS with a decent amount of moving heads - and I was wondering how the effects generator is implemented, what I should expect to be able to get out of it, and any tips/tricks to make the most of the effects.




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There are three types of effect on Eos. Absolute, step based and relative.


Absolute allows you to put palettes, cues or presets into a list called ACTIONS and run them in order then apply an offset. You can have more than two actions too which is cool. So imagine doing CMY chase very easily using Absolute.


Step based is generally for intensitys, the layout is kinda similar to Absolute. Put channels into a list and it runs like a chase.


Relative are your normal wave form effects, I use them for quick and dirty circles, ballys, fig 8s etc.


Absolute are much more powerful but rely on you making palettes and presets. Personally I use absolute for most things. The Eos effects engine is quite nice and it's kinda like crossing a Virtuoso and a Strand 520. ETC have some extensive training videos on the website and a few of them cover effects. You can use those to get more of am idea about what I was talking about.



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Cheers Joe. Ive not had chance to download the manual yet, but will tonight when I get to the digs that hopefully have WiFi.


What key presses etc would I do to get x amount of heads into the relative effects generator?

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with most effects is can be applied to any channel, obviously depending weather that device can acieve the effect!


The syntax to get an effect going is


[channel] {effect} [effect number] {enter}


To stop the effect


[channel] {effect} {enter}

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