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Finding a large amount of screen material?

Dj Dunc

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Howdy all. Im designing an installation that is utilising 360 degree projection (each side will have a different clip). My dilemma is that the room is about 6m x 8m x 2.5m high. Im wanting to use some form of drape or tab to go all the way around as hiring multiple screens would a) look very bitty and b) be uber expensive.


Now solution a) Purchase your average household double width sheeting, and make up some form of pipe and drape type system. The main issue with this is it will be very thin and flimsy, and most likely wont achieve the best effect due to it being so thin.


Solution B) Try and beg or borrow some cyc type material or white drapes (hung on their side). Unfortunately someone has already booked out our two in house 12m wide cycs, and they wouldnt let me take them out of the theatre anyway I wouldn't have thought.


Solution C) See if any marquee suppliers could help out, perhaps by utilising some canvas or similar for the addon clearspan bays?


I have all the electrical equipment I need, and a fairly good stock of scaff (albeit steel), but this has got me kinda stumped.


As ever, budget is the square root of nothing, but I can pull together a bit if need be. I need it for the last week in march.



many thanks



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We managed to use Lycra off the roll, hemmed the edges and got it to stretch out (with some persuasion) to over 8 feet:




Luckily the edges were unseen as they were pretty scruffy, but you might be able to find someone more competent to sew it.

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