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Recommendation for Band lighting upgrade


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Looking for a recommendation for udating the lighting for an 8 piece funcion band.

Narrowed it down a bit but could do with some real world pointers in case I'm missing a better solution and being from a sound background my lighting experience is a little limited.


Current setup:

They have 2 x Isolution IS7 scans (MSD250) on stands at the rear, either side of drummer and 2 icolour 3 wash lights - these are used as front floor washes most of the time with the scans are used for effect/eye candy (and work very well at this).

Stage sizes vary but are typically between 5M wide x 3M deep and 10M x 6M deep.


They are wanting to replace the icolours but keep the scans and are keen(as most) on LED fixtures due to the reduction in heat and power requirements. Budget for the lighting is £600.

They also plan on adding a LED matrix curtain too.


I've seen the Eurolght CLS-18 (18x8w RGBW) and also the slightly cheaper LEDJ Q-colour that look like a good replacements for the icolours but does anybody have any experience of these or an alternative that would be better? Could they get away with something less powerfull even?


Plus points for the CLS-18 is that it has greater features and factory presets than the LEDJ, minus points are the cost is about £50 more and the angle is only 12° (Ledj is 25°). Is the angle thing going to be a problem on such a small stage?


One alternative idea I had was to instead use 2 par 64 LED cans/side to give a more interesting look as opposed to the single angle wash.


Open to ideas here so feel free to chip-in and change the plan. :D

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Led strips (1m bar's) is worth considering for down stage side wash, gaff them to a mic stand each and put where ever :) takes care of all your vertical without worrying about distance. 4 led pars, 2 for mid stage side wash when guitar and bass back up to mid stage and 2 for drums. Keep your icolors for audience blinders. 1 cheap lappy + DMX dongle + 1 free copy of magicq.
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Hadn't really considered bars but they could be another option


I also like the idea of mounting them on a mic stand although a more elegant method of fixing may have to be investigated!

Thanks for the idea.


Keep em coming..

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