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MagicQ v Robe Digispot


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Hi all Can you please point me in the right direction on something.


I have an event next week where I am planning on useing Magic Q to drive 2 x ROBE DigitalSpot 3000 DT,


I will also be running some gernerics and moving heads, I have no problem with the Gernerics and moving heads they will be controled over artnet to a lanbox acting as a node, its the Digi spots im trying to get my head around patching and controling them. They will be on the same eathanet network as Magic Q and the artnet nodes so I plan to just feed them artnet. one at DMX address 100 and one at 300, how do I patch? is there a 17ch fixture that takes care of the Pan tilt led's ect then a media server fixture that takes care of the rest? also can Magic Q use CITP/MSEX protocol to get thumbnails ect from the media server in the head. if so where do I set the IP addresses ect ?





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If you look at the softbutton next to "Choose head" in the patch window, you should see "Choose media server". You can select the Robe DS range here, then select either 3000 or 3000 II depending on which version of the DS3000 you have.


Setup > View System > View Media is where you configure the addresses and names for the media servers.


It should be able to get the thumbnails and preview from the media server in the head either automatically, or if you go into the Media window and press "reload thumbs".


If you select the Media server in the groups window, you can then use the Colour and Intensity windows to control the moving head / LED side of it. You don't need two separate fixtures as they're all integrated together.

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