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BCF2000 for iLive


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Hey all,


I've spent most of this evening cooking up a control map for iLive Editor v1.83 for the Behringer BCF2000, I was asked by a friend to share it, which seems a good idea! Currently untested, I'll be taking it out next week hopefully, but if some others could let me know of any ups and downs then that would be great!


It can be downloaded here, from my site: http://www.mervaka.co.uk/davec_1.83_bcf2000.zip


It comes with 16 sysex preset dumps for the BCF2000. You will need to download bcedit and have the Java 1.4 runtimes installed to upload the sysex data (latest Java and bcedit don't play ball!)


It uses the same basic map for each page, but changes the MIDI channel each time.


Works to a degree with multiple units, found the following problems so far:

  • feedback to pages not displayed does not get updated of course, so it's best if units do not overlap in function.
  • making adjustments on two units simultaneously causes conflict in the MIDI bus, and MIDI channels get mixed up when sending feedback data (A&H: semaphore locks and FIFOs please!


Let me know what you think.

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