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Led screens


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Hey everyone! My first post here, hopefully an interesting subject.


I am looking forward to buy a led screen for the band I am working for, but there aren't many companies in Finland that import them, so I am here to look for opinions of different manufacturers. There are thousands of manufacturers in China, so it is rather impossible to keep on e-mailing them asking for more details.


In short, anyone ordered / used chinese led screens? (like:


http://www.roeled.co...en-linx-25.html )


We are hoping to get a flexible ladder - type screen, to create 4 screens sized 2,4m x 0,6m, that is easy to rig up and take down, and it should be rather light as well.


THanks for answers!



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Do remember when you buy from China your not going to get any fast support in good English and when a part breaks you then get hassle with having to wait a long time sometimes and then there custom dutys that could hit you with a big bill. And be warned you may end up buying a copy of a led screen
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