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Floppy Drive Dimensions (old Strand 520)


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Does anybody know the dimensions of the floppy drive in a non-I Strand 520? (Or can you measure at least the height if you're near a 520?)


I've a suspicion it's half or third height laptop-style but no way to confirm this.


Am trying to source either a replacement drive or a funky 34-wayIDE-to-USB-magic-thing but it must mount in the same space in the console.





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USB floppy drives are laptop drives inside, but it depends on what the connection is on the back of the drive itself. You could pick one up for a few quid on ebay and rip its guts out...


I have one of the standard sized 34-wayIDE-to-USB-magic-thingies™, which would fit if you took it out of the casing and mounted it yourself using a bit of ingenuity and epoxy... That does have a 34 pin IDE connection. If you wanted a floppy drive AND a 34-wayIDE-to-USB-magic-thing™, you may be able to do it by getting a long floppy drive IDE cable. You will notice that about 6 of the wires are twisted over towards one side of the ribbon near the drive; that is drive A:

The connector before that twist is for a second floppy drive; drive B:

Having never tried it on anything other than a PC, I can't say it would work on that desk, but since they're pretty much PC-based anyway, there's a good chance it will.

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