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ZR44 Problem


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Hi there, new to the forum but have been a long time reader.




My ZR44 has recently developed a problem, very similar to the problem described in this thread - http://www.blue-room.org.uk/index.php?showtopic=36317 but obviously that was the ZR33.



The output is very high even when the remote is set to the minimum. Does the ZR44 have the same (or similar) PCB to the ZR33 in there are calibration pots for pump speed on it?




If you need more info then let me know.




Any help will be greatly appreciated,





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Thanks for the replies, will try the unit on DMX this week when I get a chance, didn't think of trying that!


The unit only produces smoke when instructed via the remote but seems to go to quite high output (not full output, probably half I would say).


I do have a spare remote somewhere so I will give that a try aswell.

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