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rigging and trussing installers


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Can someone reccomend a good company that can install trussing? Looking for professionals as the trussing will have to be connected through a suspended ceiling then 3-5metres upto the ceiling (blame the boss for this bright idea) ;)


Lookign at installing 15 to 25 metres straight sections


thanks for any help



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Follow the link from the Blue Room main index to Stagelink.com (the BR's official web links partner). From their main index, go to Services & Equipment, then to Rigging, then to Hire or Sales according to what you need, then to UK or whatever country you're in.


Unusual, Vertigo, Outback and Summit Steel are the main players, but it's probably worth contacting a few of the others as well.

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It might be a strange scottish thing where they only employ scots companies.

Before anyone gets too angry with this, addmittley, strange idead of mine, read on:

The company I served my apprenticeship with created a sister company based north of the border around y2k, called company name/scottish directors name.

This was to enable the company to procure more of the leisure sector install market north of the border, which they did. The labour used was from england, just the company submitting the quote was registered and based (administrativley) in scotland.

It worked, I worked for the 'scottish division' many times during my time there, and am based, as is the company hq, in Lancashire.

Again, apologies for it being off topic, and for any upset this may cause.

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