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Alternative Mic Recomendations


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Hi all, I know this is more the live side of sound but I've got a quick question about mics.



Im in a band and we have got a home recording setup, im happy with everything apart from vocal mic.



The vocalist is female, and im currently using a AKG C414, I love the warmth, and the rest of the sound but there seems to be a dip in the mics frequency range between 1 and 2 k, and putting that back in - in post production looses some of the mics characteristics that I like.




So has anyone got any recommendations for what to try next?



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You have good ears! The dip on the C414XLS is less than 2dB. And I agree with you that it's generally a very nice mic!


It's hard to recommend alternatives without actually hearing the voice but one mic you should look at is the SE2200A. I bought my first one back in 2009 and was impressed enough that I now have two of them and they've become my "go to" mic for a lot of vocal stuff even though I have several rather more expensive mics (including a C414) in my collection. The 2200A seems to combine a nice level of warmth with a good level of clarity and detail. The 2200A is a lot cheaper than things like the 414 or my TLM104 but seems to punch well above its weight.


When I lived in the UK, SE used to do a 1 week free loan service so you could evaluate their stuff. I don't know if they still do that but it might be worth asking.


(FYI, I notice they now also have a 2200A Mk. II with switchable patterns--I haven't tried that one yet so my comments are on the original 2200A)

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