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Eyesight degradation.


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My family's eyesight history is pretty chequered! Dad has always suffered with his eyes (though it didn't stop him spending a good few years as a police firearms officer with the right prescription glasses) and has now started with cataracts. Mum had a detached retina in her teens and always wears glasses. My brother wears glasses as well. My eyesight is pretty much perfect now (fully recovered after my haemorrhage, thank goodness!) which really does make me think I'm adopted! The milkman wears glasses as well, so that's not an option!


Really take some time to look at what an OCT scan offers them. My optician (who isn't the sort to get over excited) was pretty much hailing it as a miracle cure. He's been doing the job for over 30 years and says it'll ultimately help him save people's eyesight by early diagnosis and treatment of maccular degeneration.


I know they're a pain, but as a kid I always wanted glasses! I thought they'd make me look clever (shame it's only looks....) and still think I look better in glasses (can't look any worse....).

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