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Dataton Watchout into ScreenPro / Encore issue


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Please can you help??

What is the recommended maximum cabling length into Encore/Screen Pro from Dataton Watchout displays PCs?

I had a 5m VGA lengths and the signals kept dropping and the Screenpro/Encore guys weren't happy.

The next gig I want to use shorter DVI cables and see if this helps.

I was sure it wasn't a Watchout issue but I would appreciate any feedback from Encore/ScreenPro users.

Their was a posting on the old Dataton Watchout Showroom forum from some guys in the US saying that they uses very short DVi cables. Sadly the old Watchout forums gone and a new forum is online.

Thanks in advance,



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Generally if there is a signal there the SPII will see it... So it comes down to the length limits on the cable, which are more of an issue on DVI (with the cliff effect) than on analogue (where the signal just starts to look pap).


Resolution will effect it - higher resolutions and refresh rates will increase the data rate, which requires higher quality cable with lower losses (brief explanation...). We have 10m DVI's that pass XGA fine, but not FullHD at 50p. So I'd be looking firstly at the type and quality of cables you're using.

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There can be some issues when linking watchout and SPII's using DVI - make sure the SPII's/Encore are set up and outputting the correct resolution and that the EDID has been manually set correctly before you plug in and power up Watchout. I regularly use 5m and 10m DVI cables when connecting up our WO rack to our SPII/BlendPro rack with no issue. Generally using 1280*768 or 1280*720 with no issue.
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