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Sennheiser radio mic inter-series compatibility


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I have just acquired a Sennheiser SKM 335 G2 radio mic without a receiver.


I am trying to work out if I need the EW100 or EW300 receiver. Are 300 series transmitters compatible with 100 series receivers, and if so, what is the main advantage of the more expensive receiver?


As the Tx is G2 I assume that only G2 kit is suitable.


Thanks in anticipation!

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Despite the dire consequences of attempting to use different kit, it's always worth trying it. For years I ran Sennheiser G2 handhelds into Trantec 4000 receivers and I really liked the results. The difference in the companding ratio actually just sounds like a little added compression, while the bandwidth was close enough that frequency response wasn't compromised. Using Trantec handhelds with the Sennheiser receivers wasn't too nice - the reverse happens and you get a very hard tone and while it works, it just didn't sound nice. I've got some AKG guitar TXs which are really small, and these work great with Sennheiser G2, but didn't seem to like the Trantecs.


If you have the kit, do try it - because you could have a good combination, but equally an unfriendly one.

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