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Pixelline 1044 - mode reset


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Hi all,


I have an intermittent problem with one of my Pixelline 1044 batons. It seems to be fine for sometimes days/weeks on end, but then will spontaneously (and at the least appropriate moment) lose it's mode setting and start misbehaving. You then have to turn it off, on, reset mode to the one you want, off, on - which would be fine, if it wasn't built into a set and easy to get to without taking off false walls etc...


It is always the same one, I don't have a problem with any others!


Any ideas what this could be?



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Early onset senility?


I can't recall what non-erasable memory they use (EEPROM probably) to store the internal setup in those, but it sounds like something's going awry on that front. I've seen it happen on a PixelPar in the past.


I would have a word with Thomas's in Worcester (01905 363600)

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