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Mode Electronics Tiger Pack DMX Dimmer


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Hello ,


I have a little problem with a lighting installation that uses 5 Mode Tiger pack DMX Dimmers.


The Dimmers are controlled by DMX software , Showcad and have all been in installed and working fine for about 6 years. Recently we have an issue with one of the packs that

controls the house lighting (240v Transformer to 12v Down lighters).


Every so often the dimmer that supplies them pulse`s and strobes the output if they are dimmed to less that 50% output.


At first we thought it was a DMX cable issue or another DMX fixture or Dimmer pack transmitting "duff data" so we installed an Active DMX splitter on all Dimmer Packs and DMX FX /Par Cans / Scans etc... This DID NOT solve the problem..


We then trouble shooted the system and narrowed the issue to a control board in the Tiger Pack that supplies the house lighting - We took a board from another Tiger Pack and put it in the House Light pack and has NO problems..


Whilist I`m pretty sure the problem lies with the control board in that pack I wonder if anyone else has any advice I could try before we spend £400+ on a new board :(


Thank You




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Have you spoken to Mode? We have found their service department very helpful and have sourced spare components from them (and even modified chips for our Mode Tiger to solve a problem using external Scenarios and DMX together).


Other than that the only problem we've had has been a couple of the incoming power feeds to the boards on the din rail terminals have become bad - no sign of arcing but they just weren't passing power - the channel would generally flicker and was measuring about 40V. Disconnecting and reconnecting them at the din terminal seemed to fix it.

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