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Linking more than 2 Sennheiser ASA 1 antenna splitters together


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Hi there


Is it possible to link more than 2 ASA 1's to make an 18 way system to only use 2x antennas? I know you can link 2 together but I wondered if you can do more. Trying to cut down on the amount of antenna we use.




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Hi Graham,


Yes you can since the ASA 1 has unity gain. To do eighteen receivers you will need 5 x ASA 1.


First make 2 x 8 way systems as described in the ASA 1 user manual.


Connect the antennas to the inputs of the fifth ASA 1, this will be the 'top' of the whole system, the 1st ASA 1 in the chain.


Feed the odd two receivers RF inputs directly from two pairs of outputs on this 1st ASA 1. Feed the inputs of the two eight way systems from the remaining pairs of outputs on the 1st ASA 1.


Things to beware of:


  2. Make sure that every receiver is getting a feed of each of the two antennas. If any receiver ends up with two feeds from the same antenna then that receiver will not operate as a diversity receiver. It doesn't actually matter which input of the receiver gets fed from which antenna so long as they aren't both from the same one.
  3. The ASA 1 only outputs DC to power the receivers on the A1 - A4 RF outputs (there is no DC supply on the B outputs), so you must make sure that, in addition to the previous comment, all receivers must be connected to one 'A' output from an ASA 1 otherwise they won't power up.

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