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Steve Thomas

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Hi, I'm in a position whereby I need to move a pair of RCF TT22 Passive speakers for a lightweight set of active speakers. The reason for this is due to my wife soloing and the need for an easy set up and lightweight. She's used to the RCF sound and so I was hoping that there is a dealer that can deal with trades as I don't really want to go a private sale route just for convenience. is anyone aware of any shops/retailers that take part exchange, much like other musical store's dealing in guitars etc.


Thanks for your help

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A location would help Steve, however it is likely that most purveyors of quality Sound equipment would be happy to do a part exchange on gear; but don't expect a high trade in on your equipment against rock bottom prices on new.


Thanks Doug, I'm Swindon, Wiltshire so any dealer's out there that can help would be appreciated? Strangely, I've come up with no one yet as to consideration of a part ex, and yep I'm aware of trade values as opposed to private sale profit.


Once again, any help in advance would be appreciated

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