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HHB MD500 Portadisc and Macs


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Sorry, another query for the Mac people.


I have two of these MD recorders and I really like them - on the PCs they're a bit touchy with the USB connections - and some PCs can't see them = but I've discovered that connecting via a small 3 or 4 way USB hub seems to do the trick. The snag I have on the Mac, is that I can't get them to be recognised unless I install and ASIO driver. Doing this means I can see the portadisc as a source - but on one bit of software I get a note saying the sample rate is not recognised, and on another all seems fine - but playback shows digital noise very similar to when sample rates are wrong, but accepted - a jumbled distorted mess basically. Sample rate is 44.1, which is what the software shows - setting 16, 24 or 30 as a bit-depth makes no difference either. I'm wondering if the actual driver is the problem. Anyone else had a similar issue?

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Without knowing the device or the technology (minidisk) too well I can only give a stab in the dark.


I would probably just scrap the USB idea and just take a line out from the recorder and then into the input of the Mac's sound card then just play it through real time.


With minidisk players being so cheap maybe it would be worth just having a player that is compatible for the Mac for this duty.


Sorry for lack of understanding as it isn't a technology I use in my generation now thanks to the likes of sold state recorders.



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