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Cheap video projection


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Hiya, I am a newbie on here, Hi everyone.

I play drums and run a sixties tribute band www.theyesterdays.com and we are currently using videos for each song.

I have a Stumphfl fast fold projection screen 2400mm x 1800mm and can reach a hight of about 3metres that I recently picked up for £80 and is not yet 12 months old.

I have a benq 1080dpi projector and a laptop running Deejaysytems video mixer software. Window A has a selection of our band logos and window B carries our set list videos in order. Logo displayed at start of gig and show starts first song is played, when song finishes or video ends depending on if we are playing slightly faster etc the person running the software fades to logo etc, this has not cost me much and it works really well.



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Given the Deejaysystem Video VJ2 software is 149 Euros, and the OP has an operator for it, one would have to idly wonder what one has gained over using Screen Monkey at a cost of $0...?


What I would note is that the Deejaysystem Video VJ2 software is controllable by MIDI, so one could probably replace the operator with a MIDI foot controller. A member of the band may already use such technology, and have a couple of pedals available.

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