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BDC Islington


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Has anyone experience of rear projecting at the BDC in Islington,we have been asked to project on a 12x9 screen but concerened with the glass roof as the event is during the day projectors can be XF30 (5200lm) stacked if necassary.Was thinking of rigging drape tunnel,but as always, on a budget so would good to avoid this.


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well I have struggled in a similar venue, an aircraft hanger with window panels on the roof (although I am familiar with the BDC)


and I only had a 10x7.5 rear screen with a 10,000lm xf-45 and used a drape tunnel, we more struggled from the general amount of ambient light in the room reflecting off the screen surface making it hard to read.


I have never seen anyone project in the main concourse at the BDC, I have only worked in the smaller side rooms, could be worth asking SPS for advice as they may have done it before.



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