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Help with controlling Jem hazer via DMX


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I have a JemStage Hazer MK2DMX that I would like to control via a ETC express 48/96 for an upcoming production. I have never dealt with DMX before and would like some help. Just to let you know what kit I have; ETC Express 48/96-Green Ginger demux


Any help would be great




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My first point of call is always to the User Manual! You can usually find out everything you need from there.




(^ the first result from a quick Google search)




Set the DMX to a sensible address using the small dip switches on the back of the hazer (I always put it on the last fader of the desk for convenience) and then you can adjust the level. Bear in mind also that it takes 3-pin XLR input, so if your desk only spits out on 5-pin then you will need an adaptor.


You might want to consider isolating the smoke alarms onstage during your show. Speak to your school's maintenance manager to find out if this is possible

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