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Flying C7


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Hi guys,


Looking to fly four d&b C7 tops (two per side) @ a few gig over the next few weeks..... From what I've been told there is a number of ways to do this but as of yet I cant quite see what full kit is needed.


Two jobs we would like to fly two boxes side by side and the other job we plan to fly one box under another.


Any help would be great, thank you.

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Hi Take It Easy


Feel free to pop in and I will show you a few ways of flying C7.


To add value here.... Would I buy C7 to fly?.. Not sure I would. Listen, I love C7 as a stack it and get on with it system. I have flown it lots but I avoid the transformer for this... It takes a bloody motor just to get it out of the case.


There are lighter and cheaper ways of flying C7.

There are lighter systems to fly. But C7 does this low mid thing that is hard to get near in smaller boxes.


This speaker system has a soft spot in my heart! We will sell ours over my dead body.





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Thanks for your reply Mark, we own few stacks of C7 along with some B2's and like you I wouldn't ever sell it .... been trying to buy SFL's 2nd hand C7 system for some time now (no luck yet)

Would it be ok to give you a call ref your comment ''There are lighter and cheaper ways of flying C7'' as it would be great to hear what you have to offer / sell.


Thanks again guys

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