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F101 Scrollers


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Hi all


Basically I work for a College and we have a lovely rig full of ADB lanterns, we put on a load of shows each year and have used scrollers that often that it is now looking like it would be more cost effective to get them bought rather than keep hiring (I've been suggesting this for a year now). Anyway I'm just looking for suggestions of the best scroller types for my F101 Fresnels.


Any help is greatly appreciated

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Dan, that link goes to a list of scrollers which Selecon recommends - useful, yes, but I don't think it's what the original poster was looking for. With all due respect, while you are trying to be helpful, I suspect the OP is looking for advice more along the lines of "I use xxxx scroller regularly. It works well but you do have to be careful that the strings are made up very precisely as if they're even the slightest bit out of line, they can jam quite easily." Have you actually used any of the scrollers on that list? While we encourage enthusiasm, we do find that information is much more useful if it comes from actual experience rather than what you have gleaned from looking on the internet...


Jonny, what scrollers have you been hiring, and have they worked for you? I personally think it's always a good idea to have gear which a local hire company also stocks, so that if you need to replace one in a hurry it's not impossible to get hold of one. Plus then if you're not using yours and the company has a request for a hire and they don't have enough, you can make some money off them!

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