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I don't know how many of you have noticed THIS POST in the Software Releases forum--I know that, even as a mod, I don't check in there all that often.


Anyhow, it seems that one of the BR's Admins (Richard) has written a clever little app for iPhones, iPod Touches, etc. that makes them into a fairly well featured playback device for shows.


I only downloaded it a few hours ago so my experimenting time is limited, but it seems to have a nice feature set (multiple simultaneous playbacks, individual level control, loops, fades, etc. etc.) and is intuitive enough that even an anti-Apple troglodyte like me had no trouble feeling my way through and setting up a trial show run with all bits and pieces I could think of that I use regularly.


The only head scratches I had were that fades that didn't seem to do anything until I realised I had to set a "target level" to fade to. This actually makes it more flexible since you can pre-set level dips, not just full fades outs but took me a moment to work out what was happening. When creating a show file, the time it takes to check a file had me worried I'd had a lock up the first time--but once I realised it was normal, no issue.


I was also concerned about the proximity of the stop button to the go button until I worked out there's a show mode that makes the "Go" huge (even for my huge, touch-screen-averse fingers.


The only extra I can think I'd like would be a few hot key effects for the random stuff I keep volunteering to do.


It's not going to replace lugging my sound laptop with multichannel external sound card in for big shows--but for lots of smaller jobs this could be ideal. (And, for rehearsal playback--my personal bete noir--my phone and a powered speaker will do everything.)



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Hi Bobbsy


Thanks for your comments, the app is still a work in progress so it's great to get thoughts. Not sure how I can move the stop button, or create the hot keys with the limited screen size that the iPhone has, but I will think about it.


If anyone else has any thoughts or comments do let me know!





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