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I dont suppose anyone has teched for copenhagen have they ?


Its just I have been told by the director that there is a load of scientists pictures that need to be projected on to the stage at some point.


Does anyone know what he is talking about ?!


And even better than that does anyone have all the pictures on their pc or on cd that they could send me !?



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I designed and opp'ed for Copenhagen last year, at Harlow Playhouse and Thurrock Festival. We thought about using projection of scientific formulae and animations of colliding particles, highlighting the dialogue, but discounted it due to complexity and budget (the lighting budget only ran to a new sheet of gel). Still, we won the Thurrock Festival so we must have got something right. I kept the lighting as simple as possible; two basic washes - for the present and past action, some specials for the outdoor walks and a spot for Heisenbergs entrance. The music was mostly dictated by the script, several pieces are mentioned and used to underscore the dialogue. I have a few photos of the production, so email me if you want me to send them to you.


Best of luck - it is an excellent play, although very taxing on the cast.

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