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Chinese Beam Lights


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Have a look at these

I know some people have very strong feelings about Chinese product - and it's not my intention to open this debate again, but I notice that they've turned their attention to 300W discharge, large lens beam lights.


Specs of course are vague, but the photos interesting. Rather similar design to Robe Robins, I think.


two for under £500 including cases!


I'm not a personal fan of these, despite them being popular for seeing nice parallel beams - but if somebody wants a few for effect, this is an interesting one. Freight is usually really expensive on kit of this weight - so if you're in that market..........?

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Well, I've always worked on the principal that if what you pay for two, would still have been ok for one, then it's worth a risk. I've sold on quite a few chinese clever bits of kit, and as long as everyone knows you're not buying a premium product, all is still good value for money - but there again, many of the premium products are now serious money. For a venue that doesn't need the quality, I've never had a problem. I've lost two out of 20 of one item, and others have actually been pretty good. My own venue is a good example of where premium quality products could well be wasted money. It opens for a short season each year, then closes again through the winter, and it's rather damp - so a year's guarantee means very little to use - we may get four months use, and 8 months storage, ticking away the guarantee clock. Two Chinese followspots based on the old Clay Paky 1200 series proved excellent value. They're not grade 1 - but they work quite well, and all the problems we will get are mainly down to rust. In a couple of years, the inside is going to be a problem - but until then, they're fine.


Their web sites are a mess - words frequently don't make sense, and photos get mixed up - as in this one, so it is always a gamble, but I personally have no complaints. If I needed some waggly beams, I'd probably risk some of these.

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Freight is only expensive if you need air freight. I buy some LED lighting kit direct from China, and usually bring it in by sea. This takes 4-5 weeks from hong kong, and the last shipment which was about 8 cubic metres cost approx. £250 inc. port and clearance charges.



Of course, please remember that you will have to pay import duty ( approx. 4%), then VAT on the total order value, including shipping and duty, which of course you can claim back if you are registered. You will also need an EORI number to clear customs, unless you are using UPS or similar to clear customs, but that will cost you money as well


My experience of buying direct from china has been very good so far, with very good quality products and a very low fault rate. You have to take certain equipment faults on the chin, however that is reflected in the cost savings at the top. I dont buy copy equipment though, and it has to be said, many of those moving heads look a lot like clay paky....

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