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2 Congo Jr Questions


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If I go into Blind mode on the Congo, how do I get it to move to the other screen (Live) so that I can still view the Main Playback screen?


Also, once I have recorded a state to a master, how do I update that master if I wanted to tweak some levels?


Hope this makes sense.



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Hi there -


Whenever you highlight (gold tab and outline) a tab, you can move it to another screen using TAB & LEFT or RIGHT arrow keys. Using TAB & DOWN will split the tabs on a single screen, first in one direction (I forget at the moment if it splits first vertical or horizontal), then if you press TAB & DOWN again, the tabs will split in the other direction. TAB & UP arrow will return the tabs on that screen to full screen size.


MODIFY & Master Key for the master you want to adjust will open an editor showing just the contents of that master. You can make your changes, then press UPDATE to save them to the content on that master.


I hope this helps -


Thanks -



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You can open the master or preset editor and do it from there but I do it this way...


Get the preset related to the master into live (# PRESET FETCH).

Make your changes and then hold UPDATE and press the master button.


Remember to make sure all the fixtures you need to be updated are selected, even if they are zero.

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