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Truck Wheels


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We've been using a couple of trucks for various productions for the last couple of years. One of the retractable castor units has broken and I'm trying to find a supplier in the UK but have so far drawn a blank.


Can anyone suggest any suppliers of retractable castors, or something suitable for use with a truck - the original builders of the trucks are no longer contactable so I can't ask them where they came from originally ?



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I can't get a photo for you until Thursday, but what I'll try and describe what we've got.


The castors on the truck have each have a foot pedal, rather like a brake, but once the truck is in place, you can push the foot pedal which is on some kind of ratchet mechanism, the ratchet releases, and as the pedal rises up the truck is lowered down on to the stage.


When it needs to be struck, press down on the pedals until the ratchet kicks in, the castors come down again, lift the truck and it can be wheeled off.


Hope that makes sense ?


I appreciate the offer of help, but I'd prefer to find a supplier just in case any of the others are on the way out. The show isn't until May, so I've got a fair bit of time.



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