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I had a go at Google translating a few bits to see if it's worth it, and it makes a bit of a mess of it.


I can't see blogs really working in any useful way using computer translation - it robs it of detail and sense.


Probably really interesting for Greek readers, but tricky for english only people.



A Serious! part of our art Ladies and gentlemen, is how, we can "recognize" advance in a way, if you have a problem to some for cooperation to NE begin, regardless if it is theater-Live-Club-Nightclub (bouzouki) - Presentation-Etc, etc. ....


Perhaps the oldest in the area of ​​lighting to know (this experience) how to recognize these "difficult" situations, for the lighting designers, lighting technicians.

That "self except those (older) I through here, will speak on the subject, for younger and possibly for good will! And unsuspecting!, Independent" age "in the area to light-designers.


So there are some clues!, Before the start of cooperation, whether you have "problem" on the individual entrepreneur, the manager, the theatrarchi, production, or with anyone else we come into "contact" for ANY event, whether to issue equipment, either in the financial issue! that the latter is the most serious if you want, especially those very bad! seasons for the world and in all sectors!


What are these indications;;


First. Display


If before a new collaboration, have done many other much better, not just buget but also to "size" of the name of an artist, the show, or even the size of the previous businessman-producer, etc, etc, that you work!

And see that now (for you knowing who you are and where you came from) the new! "Candidate" for cooperation, trying to tell you about the enormous talents! , and knowledge! his general area in which it belongs, then be sure that 95% will have several problems of cooperation, with the given master!


Second. Display


If you try to "Download" the fund request as payment! (And particularly in ways derogatory) or as a fee each play, either as a whole for the planning, programming, etc, etc, cooperation that go to do less than 50% of the value you request on principle, then be sure that if you work with the given master!, surely you will have many different problems in your cooperation!, I think ........ 100 %!



3h. Display


If you try to "compare" with other colleagues illuminated, presenting them as very good and despite that he accepts!, While you as we say, in a way you do and "thanks" that you're there!

Then you have your mind in general, because obviously when you get 70-75% reduction various problems! or even worthless! for you and the "job" you generally!, in specific co-operation!


4th. Display


If you try to "reduce" the buget of equipment you are looking for specific performance, less than 50%, you've asked originally!, To bring you a "trial" of rental companies by market, to arrange and people this company is adialaktoi, and vertical-style ....<< us in these boss told us to put (as equipment) and they will put either thou or not>>

Then in this case to make sure that at 90% will have problems with this cooperation!

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