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I seem to be having a problem in spotlight in that when I add units to the plan they are taking various values (colour, purpose etc) from the last lamp I drew on a previous plan (I think from when I used 'create similar object') - is there any way to reset the defaults, or stop it from doing this as it is very annoying!


I am using 2011





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Hi Richard


It would appear there is a label legend still active in the spotlight setup. If you are just using an old plan and have removed the symbols in order to re-create a new design, the legend will still remain active. This is what I am inferring from your post.


To turn off the offending label legend, you can either a) make a "standard" one with all in black or b)or just make a dummy one with 1 used setting and set it to active. Same thing really!

There might be a turn off command but I have never seen it. I am using 2012.


Hope that helps




Edit: Forgot to add, you could just select the label legend in question & dump all the symbols out of view!



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Hi Eamon


I think that's part of the problem (in that it is assigning a label legend to the fixtures), however my bigger problem is that it is assigning all of the attributes to the fixture (purpose, colour, channel etc), I realised I can fix this by getting a clean fixture and selecting 'make similar object', which then seems to clear the cache, but it seems very messy!





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