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Carrington House Hotel, Bournemouth

Ben Lawrance

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Hi All,


Has anyone ever been in the Ambassador Suite at The Carrington House Hotel in Bournemouth?


Got a job in there on Saturday and just trying to find out a few tech specs, but as yet I'm a bit stuck.


The receptionist on the phone didn't even know they had an Ambassador suite, and wasn't able to put me through to anyone who would know about it.


Any ideas?





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I have not been in there and this is not an official tech spec but a friend did a job in there a couple of weeks ago and here's what he found:


There are 2 x 32a 3-P points, one in the side of the stage bit and one at the back in a little cupboard with controls for all the lights (all the chandliers are dimmable).

There is also a 32a single near the main entrance stairs on the left wall.

There are plugs on every pillar and plenty round the room. Four roof bars, no obvious SWL. Points in the roof next to the bars they have special adaptors to break to 13a.

Basic sound system with controls in a small room overlooking the main room. (sorry this is vague - he's more lampy than noise!)

Large cargo lift to car park hidden behind large doors at the far end of the room with I think a max load of 3T.


There are pictures here: www.cinemattag.com of the room and what he did with the space.


Hope this helps somewhat.




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It's got a dodgy lift for the load in. I think the Ambassador Suite is the big one at the bottom of the building. If you've got a lot of kit it will take a while.

There is also restrictions when you can use the lift as they have some grumpy residents nearby (not as bad as Grosvenor House though.)


They do a good breakfast!



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