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Hi everyone

I was just wondering if anyone was working on a qdos panto or has been I have been to see 2 within the last week and was just wondering if anyone has a proper singing and dancing finale or have they all got the ending, then the prize bit and then the bows and nothing all singing all dancing.

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A proper traditional finale in panto is very simple - walkdown, in reverse importance order, a few short thank you comments, then either a short reprise or a song the audience can join in with, then a tab drop with no bounce. Singing and dancing finales are not often seen because dancing in the final ornate and usually heavy costumes doesn't work well - and to be honest, is rather pointless - the actual show finished before the front cloth scene.


The prize bit didn't take very long, and did give away a mini Haven break each performance. The kids bit at my panto started with 4 kids, ending up with 3 because it was taking far too long.


I've not seen any choreographed routines in panto finales for a long time now. I'm not really sure what the purpose would be. We actually cut our Christmas song (santa claus is coming to town) in the new year, and then put it back because the audience reaction was better, even though Christmas had gone.


For what it's worth, QDOS pantos don't normally drift too far from the original script - Jon Conway is a frequent visitor and as producer is quick to restore elements he considers vital. He's fine with topical updates and mods to help the flow - we removed one frontcloth scene, only there to give setting time, and segued from one scene to another which improved things. Changes made for good reason, by a competent director are fine - introducing an extra song and dance would only extend the running time (and the pre-production time, of course)

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