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portable stereo recording


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I'm looking for a system (mic and recorder) to allow me to record location stero sources to be used in combination with high quality studio recorded tracks for effects and compositions.


I have no more than £500 to spend and want to buy a mic and recording device. So far I've considered minidisc, the edirol R1, DAT machines from Ebay with a combination of mics. how good are the stereo mics from sony etc. made for minidiscs? how would you divide the funds between mic and recorder?


main criteria is quality, portablity and unfortunately cost.


any advice/experience gratefully recieved.

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You've got a problem with this sort of budget - you want real quality, but don't want to spend the earth.


Most of the dedicated 'quality' pro portable products will set you back between 500-800 for just the recorder. Marantz and HHB are popular, although MD seems to be losing ground quickly to solid state storage, or even cd, like the Marantz. People like Canford Audio sell the ASC portable units that take Sony (or similar) consumer MD machines, but have nice chunky knobs, decent balanced mic inputs, large batteries and proper case etc. Radio stations love them - throw away the MD when it wears out, stick in another.


Mic wise, if you want to do realistic stereo recording, then stereo mics from Audio technica and Sony won't break the bank. The Sony's being M/S elements, output as L/R sound good, and one has a width control which is handy. Main issue outside is wind protection. Rycotes don't come cheap either, but are vital outside where even a modest wind sounds like a force ten!


If you are inside, it's easier. Things like the Rode NT5 stereo work well for ambient recordings, as long as you have phantom power on your recorder.


So, not a great deal with £500, but ebay may be a good source of the type of thing you're after.


If you see anything - stick it up here, someone's bound to have comments before you bid.


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Similar thing here...


For the university radio station we have a cheap Sony MD with only line in (no MIC in) - to be used for news gathering/general interviews etc.


We did also have one of these, before it was nicked...


So my question is do we just replace the above? or spend a bit (well quite a bit) more and go for something like the MD-Report. I assume that we DO need the gain brain to alter the levels...people dont seem to understand that it just won't work without the unit - I hope that I am not talking rubbish.


The MD-Report does look good, and it isn't that expensive really.


Thanks in advance,


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OK...so not much of a response then!


Could someone please confirm for me for my meeting tomorrow that I am correct in saying that we need the 'Gain Brain' box (see link above), or something similar. I don't want to find out that I could just use a minijack-XLR adaptor after all!




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