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Fake chickens


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I'm desperate for a fake chicken... what more could a girl want?


needs to look alive - i.e. feathery, but is only on for about 3.5 seconds so also needs to be cheap cheap! (shoot me now please)


Please, any help anyone, sources to hire buy or borrow, greatly appreciated.


Looking from Guildford, so anywhere in london or surrey area will be fine, also anything from Bournemouth or Chichester, as we have willing couriers.




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Guest lightnix

Less than one minute of searching on Ebay found this


So it's in the States, but it's only $20 + shipping - a bargain.


Better get busy if you want it - only 8 hours to go :P

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Hi Alfie, this is a long shot as this post was made a long time ago, but I am now looking for a Fake chicken for a production at my theatre and was wondering if maybe I could borrow the one you got from the usa,

thanks gillian

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I was once asked if I could produce an animated chickens head for a "being plucked" scenario - as one of the ideas put forward (for a whole plucking chicken), I had the idea of using a tpyical joke-shop rubber chicken, gluing a load of feathers on, and rigging up an eccentric cam on a motor, powered by a small battery. When activated, the chicken would appear to wriggle, and the small battery size ensured it didn't wriggle for long.


Any help?

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