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Sound Hire In Italy


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Hello Michael, drove past you the other day in Edinburgh!


We are going to Trieste, there for three weeks with Suspect Culture from Glasgow, doing a show in half Italian half English (brushing up on my Italian!) any contact would be great thanks.


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I found these contacts in our foreign supplier database


(ITALY - Genova) M.K Sound and Light Service

Viale Ansaldo

9/A rosso




Tel: +39 010 810 806


(ITALY - Genova) Turtoro Show Technology S/r/l/

Corso Galliera

43 r.




Tel: +39 010 505 902


I have not personally used any of the people mentioned but they may be worth a try.

As mentioned try d&b directly They do have an office in Italy


d&b audiotechnik IT

Via Gigi Medini, 10

44100 Ferrara

Contact: Daniele Tebaldi, Davide Carlotti

Phone: +39-0532-772477

Fax: +39-0532-770183

Email: info.italia@dbaudio.com


The d&b website also lists various Sales Partners


HTH, Peter

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