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Setting up BTEC Prod. Arts (TT)

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Hi All,


This is for those of you on here who are teaching on or have set up the BTEC in Production Arts (Technical Theatre)


I'm based in an SFC, Teaching Qualification and background in Technical Theatre. I have been asked by HOS to set up the above course.


I have spoken to Paul and looked through the unit specs, what I’m after are some outline plans for assessments, and any ideas of how you integrate unit 65, Technical Stage Operations, into the other units.


I’m looking at doing Unit 67, and 66 or 70 depending on the students, but interested in if anyone offers unit 62.


If you have some schemes of work covering the above that would be great too - the EDEXCEL stuff is good I just need to get my head around the units running alongside each other rather than stand alone.


Do you split your classes so half do LX and half SFX, do you operate the shows they design or swap.


Any info greatly received. Many Thanks


my email is andrew dot jackson at camsfc dot ac dot uk

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