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Cardiod Sub Query


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Hi all,


Just a query. Im trying to fiqure out differnt cardiod sub arrays. Now ive figured how to sit subs behind one another at the distance of a 1/4 wavelenght and then delaying or phase rotating one of the subs etc. Im trying to figure out how to achieve the same results but by phsically stacking them on top of one another (like a q-sub CSA). Ive tried working it out using 2 x generic omni subs and imputting into the same formulas, however you cannot take into account the 1/4 wavelenth distance and the delay time due to them sitting on top of each other. How is it done, can it be done. I know on the D&B stuff you hit the CSA switch on the amp and everything is wonderful, however id like to understand the theroy a bit more. Also do you need 3 as per the q sub array or can you get away with 1 facing one way and 1 reveresed.


Thanks for you help in advance,



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When doing end fire arrays you like you stay sit the subs in a line spaced and delayed progressively forwards. I've only ever done multiples of twos but have read quite a bit about four deep being the optimum configuration. I have done five wide two deep a few times as a centre cluster and this works well when combined with delaying the pairs out from centre as well to widen the coverage.


When doing end fire with two subs I delay and polarity reverse the rear sub as this creates greater rear cancelation.


You can do two high 'CSA' as you call it you just need to measure how much delay to apply to the sub using SIM/Smaart etc. It's useful when you haven't got the depth to deploy an end fire array.



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