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Strand EC90-HD dimmers


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We have just installed a Strand EC90HD dimmer rack which we had "lying around" for a while. It powers up fine, and each crate has power, however it doesn't seem to be receiving DMX, either at all, or to each crate. My colleague has double-checked the DMX card at the rear of the rack and all the connections which seem fine. He thinks there maybe a battery "back-up" component on each crate's processor card which may have lost data due to it being offline for so long. He has obtained the configuration software but we have yet to try that.


Basically, I'm looking for anybody with a service manual for an EC90HD, or anyone with a good knowledge of said rack who can give us a suggestion as to what maybe the problem. Thanks in advance.




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I'm not sure where the 'HD' version fits into the range, I'm only familiar with the EC90 and the EC90SV. It's been a while (about 6 years) since I touched either...


Is it able to receive DMX? many older ones only take D54 and not DMX. assuming it's happy to receive it you haven't got it phase reversed or anything silly like that!


If it's anything like an SV rack you can select in the control protocol in the processors menu, it may not have defaulted to DMX...


Beyond that I can't be much help - they always worked!?





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