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Strand new position group macro


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Hi all,


I've done this loads of times and today for some reason it didn't seem to work.


Whenever I use a 520 I always have my LCD1 and LCD2 macros setup to record new colour / position groups.

Today the macro for position was <CHAN> [uPDATE] [GROUP] 400 [LAST] [sHIFT] [NEXT] [ˆSHIFT] [@ATT] [POS] [*] [GROUP] [TEXT]


Group 400 was the next category in groups (control groups) and the last group recorded was group 100....a label group

to show it was the show positions area. Before group 100 was show colours created.


Today the macro totally failed for me, it would either record over group 100 or another weird number. I tried the macro

on my 520 when I got home and it worked absolutely fine. My new colour group macro worked fine and so did another

one which took position, beam, focus and shutters into the group.


Just wandering if anyone has ever experienced or has any advice. The desk was a 520i running 2.8.5.





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