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Lightjockey manual beat tap problem!


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First question/problem.


I noticed that when I have any sequence in my queue with manual trig, chase man enabled, and tap the fwd tap button to the beat results in correct trig until I stop tapping. When I stop it slowly triggers out of sync from the beat. I have never used this function before but how come it "looses" the tapping frequency when I stop tapping?


I tested this on my laptop (win7, 64bit) and another laptop (XP, 32bit) and the same problem occurs on both.


Is there a bug in the software? or what could cause this?

Anyone out there who has had the same issue? solution?




Second question/problem.


Is it possible to sync the triggers for all the sequences in all queues? (yes, I have the "Use global chase rate" enabled).


This problem occurs when I have queue1 running which has two sequences in it, one for color and the other for movement, and tap in the beat manually.. it runs fine (except the lag problem). When I then switch to queue2 (which is identical to queue1 but different colors and movement by macro), then the scene triggers get out of sync.


Appreciate any suggestions.

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I don't know the software, but I will say this... Any "computerised" be it a desk, or a computer etc etc are never quiet accurate when it come to chase speeds or sync's...


Does it wave off the beat by a little or a lot?

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The fact is you are probably not tapping precisely enough. I'm a well practised percussionist/drummer and have never managed to get a beat sync button to hold sync for longer than a few bars.

Either my tapping was 0.5bpm out, which soon adds up, or the music isn't perfectly on beat (most non electronic music).


I find it easier to program a lot of states onto subs/flash buttons and play them live. Means I'm not stuck with on the beat, I can syncopate and pause very easily. With good coordination you do that with one hand and use the other for all the other tasks.

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Thanks guys..


peza2010: I'd say it's off more than it should be. Of course I can't tap exactly on beat with decimal precision but with earlier gear when I've tapped in the beat it holds fine for at least 15-30 seconds until I need to tap again.. on Lightjockey I need to re-tap 5-10 seconds after because the trig is lagging already over half a beat by then.


J Pearce: I tested the tap with a metronome too, same thing... when I tap it's on beat, when I don't, it goes off beat withing seconds.. The reason I am using this in such a way is because I need LJ to control only a few fixtures. The main lights I'm controlling from a SGM Studio 24 desk where I've programmed the flash buttons and "play" manually on.. The desk cant handle moving lights nor lasers though and therefore I need the LJ.. and if I don't use the chase on LJ I need a third hand :)



If someone has Lightjockey, please test this.. Maybe LJ isn't the best software for this purpose even.. I have no experience with any other PC software.

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Hi The Don Key.


I tried using audio analyzer but it is not good because even if I filter out high frequencies it keeps on triggering outside the beat, like at snare hits and low frequency effects sounds... The settings are as correct as I can get them but I guess my main problem is that I don't have a good mic to use for this .. the laptops built-in mic is crap and can't handle the volume in the venue. Works ok if using the direct sound from e.g. winamp but not if I use the mic..

If I had the possibility to get a feed from the base drum mic directly to my line-in port it would probably make a significant improvement but the sound mixer doesn't have this capability at this venue.


Well, seems I am stuck with the crappy lightjockey tap function as I can't find any info about any improvement plans for this.. Also now it is too late to try any other software since the event is already this weekend.

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