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White led pars for a "punchy" effect


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Hi BR,


I'm currently searching for powerful cold & warm white LED pars, for small & medium stages, ground effects.

I'm touring with bands, and always playing with cold & warm whites on conventional PAR cans.


I need to strobe with them, and have a medium to large beam... I found the Colorado 1VW from Chauvet, what do you think about it?


My budget is approx. 1150£ (1200€), and I need at least 2 of them.


Any suggestions?





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Stage Electrics are doing Chauvet kit if you want to get a price from them. www.stage-electrics.co.uk


Yeah, but I'm searching for a model and not a dealer, because I'm in Switzerland and not in the UK, thanks anyway!


Have a look at the Chroma Q Studio Force V 12's http://www.chroma-q.com/products/studioforcev12/overview.asp Not par shaped but variable white and very punchy. May be slightly over budget, but have a look and see if they match your criteria before getting hung up on pricing.


Best Regards


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I cannot recommend the PixelSmart by James Thomas highly enough. It's got 12 cells of RGBW plus a further 13 Cells of warm white. the RGBW is a nice wide able wash while the warm white is a great replacement for an ACL so you get two fixtures in one. If your desk can handle it you can also have individual control of each cell, with a bit of pixel mapping you can create some very interesting effects.
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