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Flying JBL VRX932


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Hi, I'm wondering if anyone knows any other way to fly the JBL VRX932 array speakers apart from using the AF frame. I am looking to have just 2 speakers in the array and I am just wondering if I can avoid having to pay 1K for the VRX AF frame.


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The official answer is no - the speakers are designed to be flown from a frame, and it's not just a means of attachment, fly frames are designed in such a way that the load is balanced from the hoist attachment point(s) and as such the speakers would hang quite precariously if flown without their frame.


My personal answer would be don't fly them at all. Support them from underneath.

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The only prob with this sort of question is that it is usually considered best practice to hang/fly stuff using the manufacturers' own designed kit, so "work arounds" involving H&S are to be deprecated.


There are, probably, other means of doing what you want but very few on BR would be daft enough to suggest you actually do it, unless said alternative method is "approved" as you might say.


We have had ideas from some posters involving the use of the carrying handles, which are designed generally for carrying the "object" in a convenient manner. Best avoided really.


So you can either pay up, for new, and look happy, or google and buy used and hope they have not been abused in any way.

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But, you might start by reading the entire manual and the hanging info starts on page 18. All good stuff and thanks to bobalobus for the heads up.


Basically the idea is to adhere to the manufacturer's method statement, so if anything should go awry...

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perhaps this little note from the manual should be pinned to the forum somewhere?!?



If you are new to rigging, you should do the following:

• Read and study JBL Technical Note Volume 1, Number 14: Basic Principles for Suspending

Loudspeaker Systems (available at http://www.jblpro.com/pub/technote/tn_v1n14.pdf).

• Know the rules for safe rigging.

• Attend a safe rigging seminar, such as that presented by professionals like Rigging Seminars™

(www.riggingseminars.com) or by Chain Motor Hoist manufacturers like Columbus McKinnon Corp.

(manufacturers of the C/M Lodestar).

• Meet and establish a relationship with a licensed mechanical or structural engineer. Get in the habit

of asking them questions instead of guessing about their answers. Learn from what they tell you.

• Meet and discuss this aspect of your business with your Insurance Agent.

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