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soundlab vista

the snooper

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hi all first post and im am looking for information if anyone can help please

I have 2 soundlab vista 2 lights and the problem is both the gobo controlers failed some time ago so I removed the circuit boards in order to repair them and in the process removed a transistor and resistor from each heres the problem I dug out the circuit boards as I thought I would finally have a go at repairing them only to find the resistors missing so I dont know their value and I have 2 transistors both different I dont remember if both were different of if I have got them mixed up with other parts

so I am wondering

a, if anyone else had the gobo control fail and what was the cause

b, if anyone can help with part numbers for the transistors and which way round they are on the board and values for the resistors


the resistor is R8 on the board

the transistor is Q4 on the board

a photo would also be helpful if anyone has one


regards paul

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