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Hi all,


Have started to use the jester ml24 lighting desk from zero88. It has saved before but I havnt been around it as its been in the cupboard at college. You can save your recorded shows onto a memory stick, I have tried using two but no luck! I can program scenes in and run the show!

When I go into the setup menu I go down to "save show" name "show 1" then I click save (I do what it says in the manual) but when I go to save the show it says "saving show failed".

The show is still recorded in on the desk, but im not sure how to solve the problem to get it on my memory stick! If you have any sugfestions or how to solve it, that would be well apreciated.




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Correctly meaning in the desk rather than in a computer. What size disk is it?


Bit of background: some kit isn't keen on disks larger than 2 or 4GB - just down to the way their operating systems work. Some kit is also fussy about the way USB disks are formatted - they'll always work if they format them themselves but may not work with one formatted on a computer. Try using an old, small disk; format it in the desk and see if you still have problems.

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