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MagicQ Crash Recovery


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I'm using MagicQ running on Ubuntu 11.04 with the £10 dongle. The last couple of nights the app has crashed after about and hour and a half of runtime. The app just disappears with a few messages left on the terminal I started it from.


Firstly - has this happened to anyone else. Any workarounds?


Secondly - is there a way of restarting MagicQ where you left off. When I restart it immediately goes to blackout and then I have to quickly jump to the correct cue. Which is awkward to do in the middle of a show.




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Have you tried giving their support manager a ring? Matt Lemon on: +44 (0) 2380 238 666


Also it is possible to have PB 1 start up when you load the programme to stop the automatic blackout and have some sort of basic look set-up.

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Can't help help with the crashes other than to say have you contacted Matt at Chamsys, he's very helpful, and their support has always been top notch.


Re the DMX dropping, a simple suggestion, but set your devices to hold data when DMX is lost, then unplug the output from the MagicDMX, and plug back in on e the program has reloaded and you're happy you're in the same cue.



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