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HDMI Matrix with Cat5 output...


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Installing 6x 50" plasma's in a bar, along with a projector.

Longest distance from skybox & sources to screen is 50m.


I've found this to distribute signal, and enable me to cable in cat5.



Has anyone used this before. I've never heard of the site, or used their products before.


Any alternatives out there?



Thanks in advance!



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I've got a 16x16 Matrix from these guys http://www.smart-e.co.uk/ I'm using the VGA over Cat5 version but their SDS 8x8 looks to be the solution for what you want.


I like their products, they are UK based and the support is good. I don't know pricing but they're good value compared to the other VGA stuff I found.



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Hi there, I notice that the OP's product selection involves 6 boxes to do the matrixing, which may be less than ideal. OP might find it easier to work with a single 4x8 or 8x8 matrix switcher even if that switcher does not have built in transmitters.

Other question to the OP is - do you really need to have full matrix capability, because you might find that a smaller matrix with a couple of distribution amplifiers on the output could lower the overall costs. For example if the Projector always showed the same image as one of the other screens, or two or more screens always showed the same image. Just some thoughts.

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First thing, with HDMI expect some teething troubles (ie. don't plan to finish the job 2 hours before the big game!). I have used many matrix (all in domestic settings) and tbh doing it analogue is still an option, we have moved to HDMI fairly recently and as expected it has taken a while to get reliability, switching speed and control to be as good as doing it over component video. Smart-e are here in the UK and do offer decent support, I have installed many and although they need a bit of TLC to get them 100%, once in they seem to last and stay reliable. Kramer component are rock solid, but you would need to add component baluns and a HDMI stripper. Kramer HDMI also been solid (actually on a canal boat), but again need baluns to go to cat5. The 2 other HDMI systems with good support in the UK are Octava (distributed be media factory) and HDvision (distributed by Habitech), both have many systems installed now and although both had a rocky start they seem to be 'almost' plug and play now. Key digital are also worth looking at distributed by Genesis. Control is another issue, I would recommend against infra-red and go for IP or RS232, a basic control panel from Kramer, AMX etc would allow operators to select from a standard set of configs. Finally, most of the issues with matrix switches is the cat5 cable, use a decent brand, install to specification and use a decent cat5 certifier, not a continuity tester.




PS. Sky boxes will also you to split to 16 screens, this may not continue so would be a risk if Sky decide to force more mulit-room installs. Its a risk.

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